Best Online Casinos in USA

In a recent couple of years, the online gambling industry around the world, and in the United States, in particular, has reached incredible heights, which makes it much more difficult for American players to choose what online casinos in the USA to play. Increasingly, you can come across illegal gambling sites, whose activities are not regulated by any authorities. That is why experts conduct a thorough review of all online casinos in the US, study player experience, licenses, games, payment methods, and customer support to present you a list of the best and most reliable gaming platforms.

Top 5 USA Online Casinos

Welcome Bonus

HellSpin Casino

Great Reputation 9.7/10

225% Up To $14000

Red Dog Casino Review

Great Reputation 9.8/10

225% Up To $12250

Grand Rush Casino

Good Reputation 8.1/10

300% Up To $6000 or 540 FS

El Royale Casino Review

Great Reputation 9.6/10

250% Up To $12500

PlayCroco Casino

Great Reputation 9.3/10

250% Up To $12500

How We Review Online Casinos in the USA

Experts understand the responsibility they take when offering players this or that online casino; so, experts approach the verification process with particular scrupulousness. Before writing casino reviews, they study the following factors:

If at least one of the factors turns out to be not player-friendly and clearly explained so that the player leaves all money in an online casino, experts will not recommend such gambling sites. After getting acquainted with our casino review, always take the time to additionally check the information yourself and conduct your research of the online casino you like to make sure once again of its reliability.


This is the first thing that players pay attention to most when it comes to choosing an online casino, and many welcome bonuses can be so large and attractive that many go straight to play. The fact is that not all bonuses pay off in the long term. Some online casinos set extremely high wagering limits, which makes it almost impossible to stay with good winnings. Experts carefully check each bonus as well as the conditions for its obtaining and wagering.

Banking Options

Banking is a great method of manipulating players. Online casinos can have good bonuses with a low wagering limit and high RTP rates but completely restrict withdrawals. Experts check the terms of payout, fees, the number of deposit methods presented, and other conditions of an online casino. Moreover, experts make sure that an online casino is US-friendly, has US dollars as a currency for playing and making deposits, and also has payment systems available to US players.

Game Variety

The more players, the more diverse tastes in games are. The best online casinos have hundreds of game options for both classic lovers and those who prefer original and unique gameplay. In addition, for a gambling experience to be excellent, all games must have good graphics and animation; so, experts check who an online casino cooperates with and what companies provide software for gambling sites.

Security & Safety

This is the most crucial point when reviewing online casinos for USA players. Experts want you to be able to enjoy the game and earn real money at the same time; so, the availability of a license and compliance of online casino activities with laws is a decisive factor. Here, you will not find a single online casino that has not been approved by the state and would not have passed the verification.

US players allowed

Also, information that plays an important role in the analysis of online casinos for USA players is whether they are available in the United States. Many European online casinos are blocked in the US, and experts indicate this in our reviews so you can always choose the best online casinos that are legal to play in the US. However, first, always find out if gambling is legal in your state so as not to have problems with the law.

Most Popular Games at the Top US Online Casinos

The best online casinos in the USA have hundreds of different games for players to satisfy their most varied desires. Today, technology allows creating really exciting games with vivid animation and design, coming up with some variations of classic baccarat, or allowing the bettor to play poker in the lobby with live dealers without leaving home. Moreover, online casinos have done everything necessary so that favorite casino games can be played outside the home, using an application, or by making browser games compatible with smartphones.

Online Poker

Poker is probably one of the games associated with online casinos in the US. Indeed, poker was even the national card game of the United States for a time. This game has existed for almost half a millennium and originated in Southern Europe; however, with the spread of poker across the United States, now, this game is more associated with Las Vegas than with Paris or Barcelona. With the advent of online casinos, poker could not help but migrate to the Internet. Today, poker and its most diverse variations can be found in any online casino. The game does not lose its popularity due to some reasons. Firstly, this is one of a few gambling games where the win depends not only on luck. Professional players skillfully manipulate opponents by bluffing and win real money. Secondly, poker can hardly be called boring. It is not for nothing that in various card games with different rules from poker, something remains unchanged – poker combinations. This is what a lot of games have inherited, and this is what makes poker truly exciting.

Online Slots

Slots in the USA bring 70% of the total income. If for a successful game of poker, a player needs to know combinations and be able to bluff, which requires training and skills (especially if we are talking about playing for large sums), nothing is needed for slots. Slots are three or more reels, which, when you press a lever or a button, start spinning. The player wins if symbols on the reels match a certain pattern or combination. In fact, what makes slots be among the most popular games at online casinos for USA players is the possibility to hit the jackpot with just one click of a button. Classic American slots that can be found in Las Vegas are not nearly as diverse as slots in online casinos. Online gambling games are not technically limited, and now, online slots are represented by the majority of US online casinos in hundreds of titles. These are slots from leading game providers who create options with new designs, gameplay, and animations every year.


Speaking on a global scale, blackjack is the most popular board game around the world. This game combines the simplicity of slots with the critical thinking of poker. Blackjack is easy to learn and hard to break away from. The rules of the game are simple: each card of the deck means a certain number of points, two cards are dealt with players, and each player can either draw a card or not. The winner is the one who has a total of 21 points or close to that number of points, which would not have been exceeded by another player. Any player who scores more than 21 points loses immediately.

Blackjack is even older than poker. Its first mention was in a sermon by Bernadino of Siena in 1440 in Italy, although he mentioned the game Thirty-One. This game is the direct ancestor of blackjack because all the rules of the games are identical except for the limit of points scored. However, it is not known how many more years this game existed before 1440. Today, blackjack can be found at almost all online casinos, and it is not becoming less popular.


Many players tried to curb and beat roulette, but this is one of the casino games where you need to rely only on luck. Roulette is a large rotating wheel with cells and numbers from 1 to 37 in red and black and zero in green. The croupier throws a ball, which stops at one of the cells. The player can bet on red or black, on even or odd, on high (from 1 to 18) or low (from 19 to 37), on zero, and other types of values. Since it is impossible to find out where the ball will fall and in any way influence the result, players only have to develop betting strategies. For many years of its existence, roulette has not lost its popularity because, like in slots, the player can hit a big jackpot just after a ball being thrown. Like other classic casino games, roulette can be found in most online casinos as this game is still in high demand. Gambling software providers are creating new games where roulette takes on a new look and gameplay; so, at US online casinos, every player can find both classic and modernized versions.


Compared to the elegant poker game, craps tables at land-based casinos are always surrounded by a lot of shouting people. This is a very emotional game, and even if played at an online casino, it brings just as much fun. The rules of the game of craps may seem complicated and a little confusing, but in reality, they are not as difficult to understand as they might initially seem. In craps, bets are made on a combination of numbers that can come up with two dices. The dices are thrown by the player who made the bet. There can be two stages in the game; the transition to the second stage is determined by the result of the first one. Craps have many more small rules that determine the very process of the game, which are quite easy to remember and worth learning because the emotions that it will give the player are unforgettable. For this reason, craps have not become less popular over the past several centuries of their existence. At an online casino, a bettor can find dozens of variations and modern modifications of this casino game and have a chance to get real money.

Bonuses at US Online Casinos

As mentioned above, bonuses are the factor that players most often pay attention to when dealing with such an important thing as choosing an online casino. Each gambling site has its promotions with special bonuses, percentages, and the number of free spins or money. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Since a lot of players use applications or have online casinos in their phone browsers, most online casinos have made bonuses and promotions available both in the full version of the site and at players' mobile casinos.

It should be emphasized that the vast majority of bonuses presented at any online casino in the USA have certain conditions. The money won using this or that bonus must be wagered at an online casino a certain number of times. It is quite natural that the larger the bonus, the more times it needs to be wagered. For example, some online casinos require over 60 wagering requirements for extraordinary large welcome bonuses. It is important to take this into account when using any bonus. Every time, read the terms of use of the promotion carefully because sometimes, an attractive bonus may not meet the expectations of the player at all, and one will have to spend all the won jackpot again on games.

Payment Methods at Online Casinos for Real Money

Before registering and going to any of the online casino games, bettors need to familiarize themselves with the payment methods provided on the site. For example, you will not be able to withdraw funds if your bank or card is not available for withdrawal methods. Or withdrawal fees may not be suitable for you. Or the minimum deposit amount may be too high for you. There are many negative experiences faced by players in online casino banking. The player can have a certain amount of real money in the account, and there is no way to withdraw it. Thus, banking is becoming an excellent method of manipulation for online casinos. Here are the most common payment methods on gambling sites:

All these payment methods are completely legal, proven, and have existed on the market for decades with millions of users. When using one method or another, it is important to become familiar with the terms of the transfer. There are moments when online casinos can complicate the withdrawal process by wanting to leave money inside the platform. Online casinos that pay real money to bettors do not allow withdrawing it due to the weekly payment period, large fees, and other issues.



Based on the experience of bettors, the best online casinos in the United States can be confidently called BoVegas Casino and Las Atlantis. Reviews of promotions and payment methods of these online casinos can be found on our website; so, you can personally familiarize yourself with the conditions of the game and the process of winning real money.


Of course, USA online casinos provide every player with real money winnings on any slot or table game. In all options of casino games on sites or in applications, players bet real money, and if they win, they can withdraw money to their cards.


Among casino games, blackjack is the easiest game to win real money. House edge in this game is usually the lowest, around 1%, which means that the average amount of money the online casino pays back to the player is 99%, which is a lot.


Online casinos that are licensed, legit, regulated, periodically monitored by independent experts, and with the Random Number Generator in all games confirmed to work properly do not cheat. To this end, experts carefully check the security of each online casino before advising it to you.


It is how much money, on average, an online casino returns to the player. If the payout percentage is 97%, this means that for every dollar bet, the player gets an average of 97 cents back.